Episode 1

Episode 1: Why Did You Shoot A Ghost?

Welcome to the first episode of Monster of the Week, a podcast dedicated to covering the...classic? tv show Supernatural. Your hosts are Jeremy Greer, Chris Mosher, and Stephen Veilleux. All three are big Supernatural fans, and have a lot of affection for the show. Not so much affection that they won't call it out on its ridiculousness, though, and believe: there is a LOT of ridiculousness. The first episode of the podcast covers the first two episodes of the show, "Pilot" and "Wendigo". Join our hosts as they talk about shipping people, exaggerating things, and the fandom business.

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Jeremy: twitter.com/jggreer

Chris: twitter.com/localbones

Stephen: twitter.com/fromsoftjunkie

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Monster Of The Week: A Supernatural Podcast
A creepy, but necessary, podcast covering the TV show Supernatural.

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