Episode 19

Episode 267: Pathetic Level 2 Plants

Welcome back hunks! We're almost to the end of Supernatural! Ahhhhhh! We're covering episode S15E19 - Inherit the Earth, and it goes FAST. Zoom zoom, baby.

Some Things You Need to Know About the Outtakes:

(1) A friend of the show, Jaime, created a MOTW themed cover of Justin Bieber's "Peaches" so I put it in the podcast. Because it is AMAZING AND COOL AND WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON. You'll find the lyrics at the bottom of the shownotes if you wanna sing along.

(2) Before we started recording, my Mac decided to update, so Chris was stuck waiting for me for a VERY long time, and decided to answer questions from the discord. Huge apologies to Chris for all of this.

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Like that intro? The music was done by our friend bansheebeat, who has done all of our fancy intros over the last couple of years. Go check out his music!

The vocals are by Alice Knows Karate, who also did the vocals for our Winchester Pain. She rules. Visit her Bandcamp page and buy all her music.

We also made an entire music video for the song, which you should definitely watch if you wanna cry and laugh about hunks.


Get my hunks straight outta Kansas (oh yeah, shit)

Castiel lives in a fishbowl (Is he a fish)

How did Sam 44L's (got that drip)

I get my blizzy from the source(yeah that's it)

And I say ooo, is Rowena my girlfriend?

Always leaving me on read

I wanna call her but she always tells me no

And I say ooo, the way the camera pans,

is Dustiel cannon, I want it but the writers say no

I went to college up in Smamford (it's not real)

Once you get stung you stay stung (what's the deal)

I thought the cage was metaphysical (like, not real)

Oh I guess we killed Charlie (catch those feels)

I think that I am going darkside

I just wanna

Take this curse

Turn it into a blessing

Drinking more blood

Killing demons with my mind

Sammy's in a bind

Hunting monster killing saving people

Never staying always leaving

Remember how we had brother

Whatever happened to Adam

I got dust in all my pockets (hunter stuff)

Sam and Dean tag team (double brother bluff)

Kevin's ghost still haunts the bunker (oof that's rough)

Cas still isn't moving in there (are you sad enough)

(from the show writers perspective)

We just wrote an episode (episode)

Where we roasted all our fans (I can’t)

I can’t believe they like this show so much

Shipping culture’s pretty weird

Can’t believe there’s Wincest

Don’t you know they are brothers

I know we killed all the lady’s off

Sam and Dean until the end of time

I get my hunks straight outta Kansas (oh yeah, shit)

Castiel lives in a fishbowl (Is he a fish )

How did Sam 44L's (got that drip)

I get my blizzy from the source(yeah that's it)

Where do baby’s even come from (mom won’t say)

Why does even Sammy nut blood (Go away)

What is dean’s secret kink (nipple play)

Remeber Sam fucked a werewolf (all the way)

When you walk away (You won’t hear me say)

Please Dean (where is Cas)

Simple and clean (is the way)

You make me feel (Monster of the week)

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